Managed Applications – smart service with smart pricing

Experience full control over your applications with Ops One's Managed Applications. We're handling operations for you, taking care of updates, administration, security, and stability. Lean on us as your IT resource and benefit from Swiss service quality at very competitive rates, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Top-Notch Apps

We've been rocking our tried-and-true app portfolio for ages (and use them ourselves). Constantly keeping an eye on and fine-tuning applications for our clients. And hey, we can expand this list indefinitely.

Managed Applications by Ops One

Count on our Managed Application Service for reliable, hassle-free applications. Save on staffing and infrastructure procurement = save time and costs with our services.


At Ops One, we aim to provide you with the full package. We tailor our advice to your needs, recommending suitable applications. From planning and implementation to training for efficient use, we've got you covered. Our operations include monitoring and maintenance of your applications, so you've got the bandwidth to deal with all the other things that are important for your business's success.

Problem Solving

We keep a watchful eye on all your applications through constant monitoring of various performance indicators. If we identify a problem, we fix it on the spot. Furthermore, our radar constantly feeds us with the latest updates for running applications, which we promptly implement.


We take responsibility for the security of your applications, ensuring protection against cyber-attacks and compliance with data privacy regulations.


Adapt our services to your needs. If your offers or customer demands change, we'll adapt our services. Scale your IT resources flexibly according to your requirements.