Our Nextcloud offers meet a wide variety of requirements. Whether individuals, SMEs, societies, public authorities or corporations – we have the right offer for all of them. As an official provider, we operate Nextcloud via our infrastructure in Switzerland or at any external location of your choice. In addition to a smooth operation, we ensure ongoing updates and provide support and consulting. We are your comprehensive partner for all services related to Nextcloud in Switzerland.

With "Shared Nextcloud" we offer an introductory package for individuals who want to keep their data stored in a Swiss data center. Do you need full control over your installation and want to manage users and apps on your own and, in addition, use the proven Collabora and OnlyOffice collaboration solutions? In this case the "Private Nextcloud" is the right choice. Our "Dedicated Nextcloud" is designed to meet the highest demands. We operate your installation on our own server and can respond to almost any requirement: high availability, geo-redundancy or specific SLAs.

Our packages at a glance

Package Shared Nextcloud Private Nextcloud Dedicated Nextcloud
Number of users 1 unlimited unlimited
Admin access
Own apps 1)
Option: own domain incl. SSL
Option: Office Apps Collabora / Only Office Collabora / Only Office
Own server
Availability 99.5% 99.5% 99.9%
Storage space from 10 GB from 50 GB from 50 GB
Annual costs from 60 CHF from 360 CHF on request
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1) Ops One does not warrant for self-installed apps and their potential impact on system performance.

Prices and storage space

Shared Nextcloud

Package SN-2 SN-10 SN-50 SN-200 SN-500
Storage space 2 GB 10 GB 50 GB 200 GB 500 GB
Annual costs Free account 60 CHF 120 CHF 360 CHF 600 CHF

Price information excl. VAT

Private Nextcloud

Package PN-50 PN-100 PN-500
Storage space 50 GB 100 GB 500 GB
Annual costs 360 CHF 600 CHF 1200 CHF

Price information excl. VAT


Own domain incl. SSL
Domain costs not included
once-off 100 CHF
Collabora or Only Office
per 10 users
annually 120 CHF

Price information excl. VAT

Are you interested in further details? Please contact us so we can work together to develop a concrete solution for your Nextcloud installation.

About Nextcloud

In brief

Nextcloud provides storage for files, appointments and contacts. Unlike alternatives such as Google Docs or Office 365, Nextcloud provides optimal data protection and privacy by physically storing the data at the location of your choice.


Access your data from anywhere via the web client or WebDAV, or sync your data to desktop clients (Windows, OSX, and Linux) and mobile apps (Android and iOS) for offline access.
With CalDAV and CardDAV, you can also access your calendar and contacts on any device.


An extensive App Store makes it possible to retrofit missing functions, such as a full-text search, audio and video calls, password manager or task management, within a few minutes.

Nextcloud at Ops One


Your data is stored securely in our two state-of-the-art TIER IV data centers in Zurich.


Data integrity is an important issue. We take care of technical measures on our side to ensure it. Encrypted transmissions and a Web Application Firewall are just a part of it.


Our private cloud infrastructure in two data centers is completely redundant and designed for maximum availability. All backups are off-site and located in a different danger zone.